"I joined BNI about 2 months ago and after attending my first meeting, I had already generated enough referrals and business to pay for my BNI membership for an entire year.  I really enjoy meeting weekly with other like minded business professionals and the weekly networking that we do is extremely valuable for almost any business.  My best source of business has always been from personal referrals so BNI has really is the perfect place to generate more business for my chiropractic office.  If you are looking to expand your current business, leverage your time and money and have 20 other friends and business associates help you market your own business, then come check us out and join us for a meeting... "

Dr. Sam Vella
Vella Chiropractic


"Starting BNI North Shore is one of the best moves I have taken to further my business in 2009.  I have a passion to be solely based on the North Shore, and our BNI chapter facilitates this to the max.  Even though I knew alot of people on the North Shore, nobody really knew what my business was.  BNI has structured meetings that allowed me to connect with people in the area on a business level.  It's been just about 6 months and I have seen the money coming in ten fold what I have invested."
Glennel Warren
Senior Associate
John Hancock Financial Network
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"As a business owner, we're so caught up in the day-to-day operation of our business that we either tend to isolate ourselves or restrict our contacts.  BNI is a great way to regularly reach out to other business professionals in our community and expand our ability to network.  It's also a great opportunity to share our experiences that can be very helpful to others in business.  Business-to-business networking is powerful when people realize that by helping other businesses, they are putting themselves in a position to also be helped."
Linda Robb
Aloha Kine


"Our BNI chapter is a group of individuals that live and enjoy the North Shore way of life.  With our desire to live in this wonderful atmosphere and promote our businesses, we are quite savvy and able to incorporate our professional work ethic with our most revered clients who are referred to us through this business networking opportunity.  People in our group are of various ages, but all with positive and like minded ideas and a goal to achieve success!!"
Cathy Shanley (RA)
Sterman Realty, Ltd.
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"I have been promoting my business of electrical contracting and services for the past five months at our local BNI meeting. It has given me an opportunity to look at myself as I present my services, talents, experience, and express my desire to reach out to more people who just don't know who to call.  By associating with other business owners,  individuals, and employees of related businesses that need to know who they can trust and afford, we better define all the types of services that we can offer people.  In one referral alone we have paid for our annual fee of advertising.  My participation at BNI weekly meetings allows me to be more creative in presenting our services from contracting of commercial stores, tenant spaces, custom homes, and large projects down to the needs of the homeowner to have lights and plugs replaced in their home or office. The more people that hear you face to face and know of your reputation and character, has been far more valuable than a printed advertisement in a phone book.  I look forward to each week to generate more referrals for the other members as well as a new face to approach me with an opportunity for work.  Throughout the  week I have an opportunity to talk to people who have a need for someone's service in our BNI group.  It feels good to promote other peoples talents and pass their name and phone number.  Aloha, Dave" Hancock
David C. Hancock
Paumalu Electric
(808) 638-9054